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Crisi [2019]
What is already remaining of me?
Audio-visual installation by Kerta von Kubin and Matteo Olivo.
(Performance, sculpture, videos and sound).
The installation is based on the idea to metaphorically lay myself bare through a very intimate performance in which I’m digging through the time, inside my life to find pieces of myself.
It’s like a complete opening to my inner world; a personal crisis, being confronted to my body, my voice, to my thoughts and memories.
The idea of this multimedia artwork takes its roots in my current research in which I try to demonstrate that the ontology sustaining the human being in our contemporary world is no more based on the concept of « individu » (as indiv-isible and one) but on what one could call « dividu ». This notion refers to the capacity of the being to be subjected to changes through the time and to be in itself moved by a process of perpetual changes.
As a starting point of this work lies the mythological story of the ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus' paradox, in which the identity is questioned.
What remains of something, an object or a person once all its parts, components have been removed or replaced?
Applied to my own researches, the existential question, “what will remain of me?” turns into “what is already remaining of me?”

The body, the voice and the memory are especially questioned and investigated as possible depository of the identity.
They are all failing in this task but offer a path through fragments, trying to make a sense of self emerge by mixing the different senses. By visualising the sound, listening to the unlistenable, lifting the veil or trying to go through it.
The aim is to highlight the processual aspect of the self, the perpetual alteration and changes of the being, showing his identity as primary and fundamentally variable, or, to be said as Quine stated it :
« To be is to be the value of a bound variable ».